Petros LLC is a U.S. based consulting and development company dedicated to the production of highly profitable digital assets.  Our integral, brand-first approach to development is currently generating millions of dollars annually for our happy clients and promoting missions that grow a better culture.

We specialize in the production of great paywalls, websites, and mobile applications. From strategy and branding, to design and development, to maintenance and hosting, to marketing and multi-media, our second-to-none, full-service team is the best in the business. Once we accept you as a client, we are relentlessly dedicated to your project’s success and guarantee all of our work.

Besides our every-day, under-the-radar work in the digital vineyard, we recognize we have become known for building censorship-resistant solutions for clientele whose work is threatened by demonetization or de-platforming. That’s not a fight we have chosen. But it is a fight we are winning. As such, we try to keep a lower profile and are happy to operate under an NDA if you like.

We only partner with clients whose missions we can support. If that might be you, reach out now, and discover what happens next.

Everything you submit here is confidential and protected under a non-disclosure agreement. We will not share or use anything you provide apart from you. If you would like to provide your own NDA for us to sign, please attach it. All initial consultations are offered freely and without obligation. If we can’t help you, or can’t meet your budget, we can likely refer you to one of our friends who can.

Upon submitting this form, a decision maker will contact you within one business day.