This is the story of your idea – and what happens next. This is not about consulting, design, development, branding, or strategy. This is not about the millions of dollars in passive revenue our work is currently generating for our clients every year. This is not about protecting your content and income from the increasing censorship of mega-platforms. This is not about having the best website or app on the market – or about limitlessly monetizing your work through the paywall of your dreams. All of that is easy depending on how this story continues.

We keep a low profile, so chances are, you know us through our work. Can we help you also? Can we do for you what we’ve done for others? It depends. For starters, ideas realized are ideas weaponized, for better or worse. We only work with better – so we tend to be selective in projects we accept. Secondly, our work is not cheap. The assets we deliver pay for themselves many times over, but their initial cost can be prohibitive to some. If you don’t think you can afford our work, drop us a line, and we can refer you to one of our friends.

…Back to your idea, your content, your work. Would you see it continue to be blown about by the winds of mediocrity, alone and unknown – or do you want something else? Imagine if it came to life – growing into something entirely itself but entirely new – something agile enough to walk on water, yet solid as rock, immovable in the face of the coming storm and powerful enough to ripple into reaches unknown, returning silently and triumphantly to you, its source, bounty in hand. And what if it was worth its weight in gold – infinitely growable, shareable, and indestructible? What happens next?

Everything you submit here is confidential and protected under a non-disclosure agreement. We will not share or use anything you provide apart from you. If you would like to provide your own NDA for us to sign, please attach it. All initial consultations are offered freely and without obligation. If we can’t help you, or can’t meet your budget, we can likely refer you to one of our friends who can.

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